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Hi! I’m Kirsten.

– A young blogger & long-term solo female traveller.


I’m a girl, I’m eighteen years old and I’m travelling around the world on my own.
Some people think I’m crazy dumb, some people think I’m crazy confident, and some people think I’m just crazy. But I’m none of those things. What I am, is a girl who decided she wanted to change her life and did. There is nothing special about me. And there is nothing I’m doing, that you can’t do. That is the message I want to get across through this blog. I’ve met so many young girls that told me they looked up to me. That told me that I was their role model, and that it was their dream to do what I do. But they also always told me that for some reason, they couldn’t. I’m here to tell you that that is bullshit. Literally anything is possible. And though travelling the world might look like a huge step to some people, you wouldn’t be the first to do it. Millions of people have gone before you, including me. And if I, an eighteen year old girl, can travel the world all by myself, why can’t you?

My life right now, is a life that many people think of as unreachable. Many have this idea that they can’t do what I do. But that’s simply not true. You can. And I want to help you do it. I want to inspire you, excite you and inform you about the epic adventures, people and places that are out there waiting for you. And that is why I started this blog.

I once led a life some may consider to be “normal”. I went to school, got my degree, worked my 9-to-5 and dreamed. I dreamed about the life I’m living right now, about long-term travelling and living fully. And then I realised that if I truly wanted to live this life, I had to stop dreaming about it and start acting on it. That day I said to myself; the 8th of January. That’s the day. My adventures will start on the 8th of January. And by saying that, I gave myself one year. One year to work my ass off, save enough money and most importantly; muster enough courage to leave everything I had behind and start travelling long-term. And so my life suddenly had purpose. I worked harder than I ever had before, but is wasn’t hard. When my dreams turned into goals, I suddenly found myself willing to work as hard as I had to. Because I knew that every dollar I made in that year, I later on probably got to spend somewhere on a white beach. That thought made everything well worth the effort. So one year later, on the 8th of January, I left. I packed my backpack, hugged my mom and little brother for what felt like an hour, and I left. And it has been the best decision I ever made. Because by making that decision, I made my life my own again. I now feel truly alive, unlike I ever felt before when I was living the “American dream”. Because for me, it had always been more like the “American nightmare”. The life I’m living right now, is what I call a dream. Don’t be mistaken, it’s far from perfect and this lifestyle comes with many hardships. I have certainly faced many difficulties since I’ve started traveling long-term. But that’s okay. Because I would rather be happy and hurt sometimes than be unhappy and comfortable always. It’s the moments of pure joy and pure living that makes everything ten times worth it. Travelling usually means living life in the fast lane. Everything is heightened and more intense. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

With this blog I have the opportunity to combine my passion for travel with my passion for photography and writing. And on top of all that, I get to share the things I experience on this journey that’s called life, with an amazing audience. And for that, I feel truly grateful. And I want to give back to everyone reading this blog. I’m making it my mission, to convince you that travelling is not and will never be out of your reach. YOU CAN TRAVEL, ALWAYS. Please, remember that.

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  1. Karen Sasyk Davis says: Reply

    I am 61 just retired. Carried mail for 43 years. I paint and do pottery. I love to travel. I have traveld alone but sometime I have fear to go alone. One thing I try to keep a young mind.

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