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Skyscanner is absolutely the first website I check when I’m looking for a flight. It’s easy to use, has a lot of options for flexible searching and tends to gets me the cheapest flights when I’m flexible with my dates. When I plan a flight early, I usually book it with Skyscanner.


kiwiKiwi is very user-friendly, and has a lot of amazing features if you are flexible in your destinations. You can search for the best price in a whole area instead of just one country or airport. Very handy if you have a country or region in mind, and want to know which options are the best for your wallet.

Google Flights 


I only recently started using Google Flights, and even though I don’t use it often, I must say it surprised me. I found a few extremely cheap deals but on average it wasn’t as cheap as other search engines like Skyscanner. I don’t find the website very user-friendly, but I think it’s still worth checking out if you are looking for a good deal.





Couchsurfing is by far my favourite way of accommodating. It’s the ultimate travel experience, as you get to live together with locals. They can take you places you normally would never even know existed. It’s the best way to truly get to know the place you’re visiting, and it’s free!!  In short; perfect for adventurous and/or budget travellers.


hosterworldHostelworld is my go-to website when I’m looking for accommodation at a hostel. The prices are unbeatable, it has the largest search inventory and highest availability in my experience. Since it has bought out the competition (Hostelbookers), it’s the biggest Hostel website. Other than just at hostels, it also offers accommodation at hotels and B&Bs.


airbnbI don’t use Airbnb often because I prefer to travel low-budget. Finding cheap accommodation is very possible with this website, but it’s almost never as cheap hostels or campings. However, it’s my first choice when I want something fancier. The website is very user-friendly and I love the fact that by using it,
I am supporting a family or small business
instead of a big company.

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